My Cappadocia Trip
Hot Air Balloon Tour
My Cappadocia Trip

Do you have your feet cut off from the ground? Or to look at that usual world from the top, to mix between the clouds and say, "Can I keep it?"

But to experience this in a balloon set by the wind, not in an airplane seat that leaves the airport?

Moreover, on top of a paradise, while Kızılırmak is flowing, while the fairy chimneys are waiting for a new day from where they have been standing for a million years…

We are talking about the Cappadocia hot air balloon tour. Since the sky falling on the share of Cappadocia is the most beautiful sky in the world…

Cappadocia hot airballoon tour  will be one of the most beautiful adventures you will experience in your life. You will also listen to the fairy tale of the country of beautiful horses from the wind.

If you want to celebrate a special day, make a romantic marriage proposal or live a different moment where you will feel very special, your intention, a hot air  balloon tour is waiting for you in Cappadocia.

You can find the answer to many questions like how to make a hot air  balloon tour  in Cappadocia, what are the prices, is it safe?

Cappadocia Balloon Tour Let us remind those who want to see the unique texture of Cappadocia from the sky should set up their hours in the early morning. Because the balloons cannot fly as the hot airballoon and the air gets hot.

Balloon companies in Cappadocia take the guests who will join the flight early in the morning and host them with breakfast. While the breakfast is running, the balloon is slowly inflated and made ready for flight, and pilots inform about flight safety.

Then you get on to the basket of the balloon and into the sky! The balloons, which are steering wheels without steering, rudder, listen to the word of the wind and determine the course accordingly.

In other words, each flight is different from each other, each route is independent from each other. The altitudes, which we will say, 'Do not compare with airplanes, compare with wind', vary between 1000 and 1500 feet, in other words, balloons can go up to 900 meters.

For an hour and a half, you see the meeting of the valleys with the sun rays, the wave of waves spreading, the camel-like fairy chimneys below, the three beauties, the stone houses spread over the slopes, and the rhythm of your heart increases, but you take a photo of the memory in the most beautiful part of your mind.

Perhaps a celebration is waiting for you at the end of your Cappadocia balloon tour that you want to never end.

A bottle of champagne, a medal, or a flight certificate can be made at this celebration.

These applications, which are made by almost every balloon company in Cappadocia, include transfers to your accommodation after the tour.

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